Basil & Lemongrass Green TeaBasil & Lemongrass Green Tea

Bold basil balances well with the grassy notes of Green Tea, and the delicate citrus flavor found in lemongrass. Make it used you won’t be disappointed!


INGREDIENTS: Organic green tea, lemongrass, lemon peels, elder flower, rose petals, basil, flavor.


STEEP: 175°F - 79°C / 3-5 minutes


RE-USE TEA: 2-3x 

Kukicha - Twig TeaKukicha - Twig Tea

This opulent blend from the green tea family is harvested from the carefully-aged twigs and stems of the tea plant. After aging, the twigs are toasted, providing a tea with a taste reminiscent of nectar sweetness. Mild and soothing, low in caffeine and can be enjoyed at any hour.


STEEP: 175°F - 79°C / 3-4 minutes



Gunpowder Green TeaGunpowder Green Tea

Each pellet is accurately rolled by hand for a strikingly rich green tea experience. Best known for its unparalled freshness.


STEEP: 175°F - 79°C / 3 minutes



Chocolate & Mint GreenChocolate & Mint Green

Who doesn’t love chocolate & mint! Black tea, organic green tea, peppermint, and organic cacao nibs all of which delivers a bold, rich chocolate flavor followed by the fresh bite of mint.


INGREDIENTS: Green tea, black tea, peppermint, coconut, cocoa nibs.


STEEP: 175°F - 79°C / 3 minutes



Yerba Mate & MintYerba Mate & Mint

This tea is our signature house blend. Energizing the with no caffeine is a great morning drink hot or iced with a touch of honey.

The flavor of brewed mate is strongly herbal, grassy, reminiscent of some varieties of green tea. Blended with another herb added minty flavor to earthy note from the yerba mate.  Try mixing it with Lemon, Mint Chamomile tea for an even more refreshing taste. 

Maple Walnut GreenMaple Walnut Green

Grassy notes from the green tea, rich almost semi sweet earthy notes from the rooibos, sweet melodies of maple flavor, walnut provides the platform for these flavors to comingle creating a lovely sensation with each sip.


INGREDIENTS: Green tea, rooibos, walnut, maple syrup essence.


STEEP: 75°F - 79°C / 5 minutes






Hand harvested from wild and semi-wild broad leaf antique tea trees. The sun-dried green tea leaves are transformed through natural fermentation from a greenish-golden color to a blackish-red tone. Appeals to both the black tea lover and the green tea lover.


STEEP: 206°F - 97°C / 5-6 minutes



Earl GreyEarl Grey

Our Earl Grey consists of black tea with mallow blossoms, and lots of Bergamot (Citrus) which delivers a bold and lingering citrus flavor with each sip.


Very floral, smooth and elegant Earl Grey. 


Steeping time: 3-5 mins. / 1-2 teaspoons per 10 oz.

Lapsang SouchongLapsang Souchong

This intoxicating and alluring tea is best suited for those with established tastes for tea -rich and robust tea with an imparted smoke flavor.


The semi-fermented mature tea leaves are laid out onto bamboo trays and are smoked over a smoldering bundle of spruce wood. 


STEEP: 206°F - 97°C / 3-4 minutes



Cocoa Almond BlackCocoa Almond Black

Warm and flavorful essence that we all love during the holidays, but can be enjoyed any time of year.


INGREDIENTS: Black tea, coconut, safflower, almonds, organic cocoa nibs.


STEEP: 206°F - 97°C / 3-5 minutes


REUSE TEA: 2-3x 

Chicory Mocha BlackChicory Mocha Black

Dark and robust tea that exhibits a nutty mocha vibe to it. This tea will definitely get you going with the combination of black tea and roasted mate as the base, followed by chicory and cocoa nibs in varying layers.


INGREDIENTS: Black tea, roasted mate, cocoa nibs, chicory.


STEEP: 206°F - 97°C / 2-3 minutes


REUSE TEA: 2-3x 



Organic Mint Chamomile VerbenaOrganic Mint Chamomile Verbena

This beautiful infusion blend combines the robust flavors of flowers and mint. Savor this tea feeling tranquil and refreshed.


INGREDIENTS: Chamomile flowers, Peppermint & Spearmint leaf, Lavender flowers, Lemon Verbena, Cornflowers, Rose petals, Stevia.


STEEP: 208°F - 98°C / 3-4 minutes



Organic Holy Basil - Tulsi DelightOrganic Holy Basil - Tulsi Delight

Uplifting and energetic! The flavor will touch all of your senses. This tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, morning or evening.


INGREDIENTS: Holy Basil Rama leaf, Dao Ren tea, Peppermint leaf, Lemongrass, Hibiscus flowers, & Ginger root.


STEEP: 175°F - 79°C / 3-4 minutes



Sweet DreamsSweet Dreams

Feel wonderful, sleep good, help immune and digestive systems. 


INGREDIENTS: Cinnamon, apple, rooibos, ginger, raspberry leaves, fennel seed, chamomile, cardamom pods, clove, orange peel, black pepper, juniper berries, dandelion.


STEEP: 206°F - 97°C / 5-8 minutes



Organic Happy TummyOrganic Happy Tummy

The name says it all. The soothing and tasty herbs in this infusion are commonly used to support good digestion and general stomach health.


INGREDIENTS: Catnip, Spearmint, Lemongrass, Calendula flowers, Skullcap, Rosemary, Sage leaf, and Fennel seed.


STEEP: 208°F - 98°C / 3-4 minutes



Pomegranate RooibosPomegranate Rooibos

Roiboos tea serves as the perfect backdrop for the pomegranate taste with notes of vanilla at the back of each sip. Perfect hot or iced! 


INGREDIENTS: Organic rooibos, organic rosehips, coconut, rose petals, cranberries, safflower.


STEEP: 208°F - 98°C / 5-8 minutes


REUSE TEA: 2-3x 

Organic Moon EaseOrganic Moon Ease

An indispensable and satisfying infusion blend designed to ease women through their time of the month: warming, comforting, effective!


INGREDIENTS: Spearmint leaf, Cramp Bark, Vitex berries, Skullcap, Marshmallow root, Passionflower herb, Ginger root 


STEEP: 208°F - 98°C / 3-4 minutes




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