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Did you know that besides private yoga sessions we also offer 
chiropractic care, massage, energy healing & pelvic steam treatments?


Combining modern advances in healing touch with therapies used for over 100 centuries, we offer a variety of healing services to compliment and enhance your experience. Our experienced and self-aware teachers are committed to providing sessions catered specifically to your needs, asking the right questions, listening, providing constructive feedback and holding space where healing happens.




V Steam

A pleasant and relaxing bath that can help manage PMS symptoms, uterine cramping, fertility, post-natal; peri and post-menopausal symptoms.
Initial Session V-Steam $75 (60min)
Follow -Up V-Steam Session $75 (45min)

Reiki Energy Healing

Energy healing that harnesses the life force energy as a means to restore, heal, and bring balance to a person as a whole. Our gentle and safe hands-on healing approach allows a person's body, mind, emotions, and spirit to be brought to harmony; balance the chakras, reduce stress, and help heal trauma in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Learn more.

Initial Reiki Session $105 (45min)
Follow Up Reiki Session $85 (30min)
Deluxe Reiki Session $125 (60min)


Deep Tissue, Swedish and Sport Massage. For added benefit take one of our amazing classes before your appointment.  Massage is an effective way help heal the body, release pain, tension, and holding patterns that limit mobility and happiness in day to day life.
Deep Tissue $125 (60min)
Swedish $125 (60min)
Combination Deep/Swedish/Sports $125 (60min)


Private Yoga

Yoga practice customized to your individual needs! Personalized instruction based on your health, body type and lifestyle—and on your time.

Yoga sessions can be scheduled at either of the the studios or in your home. You can book an in studio session on this page.  
Email us to inquire about private sessions in your home or office.

Private Yoga Session $125 (60min)
Groups (2+ students) $180 (60min)
(plus $5 for every students over 10)
Yoga Sanctuary Patio at Namaste Highland Park


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