Jamie Myer

Jamie Myer; Yoga Teacher at Namaste Studios

What is your favorite food item on York?

The peanut butter bowl at Berry Bowl and the breakfast sandwich at The York.


Arcata, Humboldt County, CA

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Jamie Myer; Yoga Teacher at Namaste Studios

About Jamie Myer

Jamie thinks that the key to happiness is contentment, compassion, and laughter. And sushi. And dogs. Lots of dogs.


Jamie believes that yoga is a constant practice, appropriate for every body, that should be approached with compassion for the self. Her classes focus on breath, alignment and body appreciation, and you will leave her class feeling calm, supported and empowered.




  • RYT-200, Mukti Yoga School




  • Teaching yoga since 2015
  • Practicing yoga since 2009


Jamie Myer regularly instructs the following classes:

HATHA :: All Levels

A steady practice with focus on proper alignment and holding of poses to engage, building strength, stamina, flexibility and balance as well as improving concentration and breath control.
**Introducing twists, some backbends, approachable inversions and the usage props (blocks, straps), this class is suitable for, and potentially challenging for ALL LEVELS as it can be taken as easily or deeply as one's body demands on a given day.


GENTLE :: Yin + Nidra

Work the connective tissues of our ligaments, joints and deep fascial networks in this meditative practice focused on deep stretching, breath and relaxation. Props are used to support the body as postures are held for an extended time allowing for deep stretches that are soft, rather than muscle driven.

Class ends with a guided Yoga Nidra savasana "yogic sleep" - a conscious state between wakefulness and sleep. The teacher's voice leads the shifting of your attention in a practice of letting go, willful emptying that leads to calmness, quietness and clarity.


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