Jasmine De La Paz

Jasmine De La Paz; Yoga Teacher at Namaste Studios

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Jasmine is a music producer and a private chef and host our monthly Community Breakfast on the Patio every first Saturday of the month.

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About Jasmine De la Paz

With a life-long passion for music and years of a dedicated yoga practice, Jasmine discovered the power of combining yoga and music during her first Kirtan chant – where she reached her deepest meditation. As a certified Mukti Yoga teacher, and music business professional, sound and movement constantly inspire Jasmine. Yogis believe that something sacred vibrates within us, and that vibrations are the source of life and the Universe. She feels the most powerful way to quiet the mind and experience this vibration is through the combination of asana and sound.


Jasmine intuitively challenges and guides her students with a practice focused on alignment, flow, and breath – mixed with elements of sound through live music, meditations, mantras, crystal bowls, and unique playlists. Her classes provide a balanced, spiritual, and strength building experience that will resonate both on and off the mat.  


Jasmine also loves to promote ‘mindful eating’ through creating and sharing plant-based recipes, swimming at the local pool, and enjoying life with her fiancé.


Jasmine De La Paz; Yoga Teacher at Namaste Studios


  • RYT-200, Mukti Yoga School



  • Teaching yoga since 2016
  • Practicing yoga since


Jasmine De La Paz instructs the following:

HATHA :: Basics

This class focuses on core asanas/postures and the foundations of breath-work.
Learn proper alignment, where to focus effort and where to find release.
**Good choice for beginners, great for all levels. A strong yoga practice begins with a sturdy foundation, this class can fine tune even an advanced practice.


HATHA :: All Levels

A steady practice with focus on proper alignment and holding of poses to engage, building strength, stamina, flexibility and balance as well as improving concentration and breath control.
**Introducing twists, some backbends, approachable inversions and the usage props (blocks, straps), this class is suitable for, and potentially challenging for ALL LEVELS as it can be taken as easily or deeply as one's body demands on a given day.


HATHA :: Candlelight

Wind down your day by the candlelight. This well-rounded evening class infuses a steady all levels hatha class with quiet, cooling, relaxing restorative poses at the end and an extended savasana. Perfect to ease away the day and prepare you for a restful night's sleep.


BREAKFAST :: On The Patio - every 1st Saturday

Yoga & Breakfast is a series of events that combine the bliss of a yoga class with a healthy breakfast prepared with lots of love.


Come join us every 1st Saturday of the month, in the morning after yoga for free breakfast on the patio! Take the time out after class to taste the flavors and textures of the food you consume: fresh fruits, juice, nuts, and oatmeal. Come enjoy the sunshine, music, and company of your fellow community members, while eating a delicious and healthy breakfast. Hope to see you there!The breakfast is free for those members that attend a class either before the meal or directly after.
Please sign up before hand so we know how much food to prepare!


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