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Spinal Cord at Namaste Studios

About Chiropractic

Chiropractic adjustments are medical techniques used to reset the nervous system, which controls the entire body. Adjustments can reduce pain, swelling, stiffness in joints and muscles, improving overall movement. Adjustments also remove painful pressure from nerves, have been shown to boost the immune system, and can help and improve specific organ function.


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Chiropractic Care at Namaste Studios

Diagnosis and manipulative treatment of misalignments of the joints, especially those of the spinal column, which are held to cause other disorders by affecting the nerves, muscles, and organs. Spinal adjustments correct these misalignments and restore proper function to the nervous system, helping your body to heal naturally.


What is a Chiropractic Adjustment like?

The technique involves using the Dr.’s hands, and sometimes special tools, to gently, yet specifically, stretch muscles, nerves, and joints to create a release of pressure. Often times a “popping” or “cracking” sound is heard and felt by the patient. It can be a strange and intimidating experience for patients new to Chiropractic, but, this sound is simply the releasing of air pressure that has built up inside a stiff and painful joint. Essentially, it’s the popping of a gas bubble of Carbon Dioxide, the same gas you exhale. 


First/Initial Session - 45 minutes

15min consultation + 30min adjustment

First session - $105

Follow Up Sessions 

30 min session - $85
Dr. of Chiropractic Gopal Cabrera




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Dr. Gopal Cabrera offers chiropractic adjustments:



  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings

Highland Park:

  • Sundays 2-4pm


About Dr. Gopal Cabrera

Dr. Gopal Cabrera brings a passion for health along with a functional and holistic approach to treating patients. Prior to receiving his Chiropractic education from Southern California University of Health Sciences, he first acquired a Bachelor of Sciences in Kinesiology from California Polytechnic State University in San Louis Obispo. 


Dr. Cabrera comes from a family of medical doctors, acupuncturists, and wellness practitioners, allowing him to understand both Eastern and Western views of medicine. He has experience treating patients in a wide variety of settings, including high profile athletes and celebrities. Furthermore, he has worked on site at marathons such as the AVIA Wildflower Triathlon, and has been on the sidelines at various professional and amateur athletic events.


Currently on staff as a Chiropractor and consultant for the Los Angeles Clippers, Dr. Cabrera has worked on their coaches and players for the past 4 years.


Dr. Cabrera is certified in Kinesio taping and Rock taping methods, the first module of Graston technique, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

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