VINYASA :: Candlelight

This class is taught by:

Hannah Skye

Hannah was born in Colorado, so a love of the mountains and of nature circulates in her soul. With her background in acting and dance, she will gracefully guide you through a seamless vinyasa flow that incorporates both strength and ease.
Hannah believes that yoga is for every body. Poses are just shapes, so they will look and feel a little different for each individual, and there can be great joy in the exploration of those internal and external nuances. Every class Hannah teaches is layered with different options so that students can customize their flow, either to be more energetic and challenging, or more grounded and relaxing. Everyone is inspired to practice for different reasons, usually when they are seeking something more in their lives. Whether that's physical health, emotional peace, or a meditative journey, Hannah encourages students to bring themselves to the mat. Spend some time in your own body; move, sweat, breath deeply, and play in your practice. Yoga can be an outlet to detoxify and destress, or a medium of play and expression -- and often times both. You can expect to sweat in Hannah's class, so bring your water and come ready to flow!
RYT 200, CorePower Yoga
Corepower Extensions Program & mentorship
Corepower Yoga Level 2 Training
Kids Yoga training, Yoga Works
Advanced Sequencing Immersion, Mukti Yoga School
Safe Teaching Immersion, Mukti Yoga School

Beatrice Buenaventura

Beatrice believes that a consistent yoga practice allow us to create and nurture a connection within others and ourselves. She also believes that yoga can help build strong bodies, gain flexibility of the mind and body, may help conquer fears, and avoid injury, among many other benefits. Yoga brings people back to their natural state, one of true happiness and joy, and contributes to making our world a better place.

She humbly bows in gratitude to her teachers: Rich Logan, Kino Macgregor, Tias and Surya Little, Mollie Galbraith, Hillary Wright, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Richard Miller, Sharon Gannon, David Life, and David Swenson.

Steven Arcos

Steven is an Echo Park native. Born and raised here, his teaching style reflects the LA lifestyle: equal parts relaxing and adventurous. As someone who practices many different styles of yoga, he loves to keep classes fun and challenging by incorporating those styles into his teachings. His motto is Sapere Aude or Dare to Know. He believes that by keeping an open heart and mind you will never stop growing. Always looking for new ways to push himself, Steven found yoga. After it changed his life by connecting him to his more spiritual self, he became eager to share his passion with the rest of the world. He teaches that yoga, although an amazingly effective physical activity, is in reality so much more. When he is not teaching he remains very active. Steve is an avid runner, cyclist, as well as personal trainer and believes in healthy living through physical fitness.

Meg Shoemaker

Initially, I came to my mat in art school as a simple way to calm my mind from anxiety and uncertainty. What I was surprised to find was an entire universe of awakening, from an unthawing of movement and breath, strengthening and aligning my physical body, and ultimately a continued fine-tuning of the subtle body and energetics of my mind.
The working through Samskaras, the Sanskrit word and idea of “mental impressions and psychological imprints” is what I’m interested in offering to my students. What you’ve come into the world with and onto your mat with has a chance of transformation everyday just by incremental shifts in continued showing up.
After intense study for about ten years in various methods, I felt called to become certified to teach. I completed my 200-hour training at Kula Yoga Projects in New York City, led by my incredible teachers Nikki Viella, Schuyler Grant, Nikki Costello and Erin Dudley. As well as study in various methods of meditation, from workshops in meta-meditation at Om Yoga in New York, to training in transcendental mediation through the David Lynch Foundation.
My intention with every class is to wake up dual-action in the body with clear and intelligent alignment, to keep the practitioner safe in the uncovering of fresh territory within the mind, body and the changing relationship of the two through the elixir of deepened breath and above all, to leave my class shining!

Shira Barlas

Shira recently graduated from Occidental College with a focus in Buddhist Philosophy and Critical Theory. A Buddhist herself, she loves taking different Buddhist theories and incorporating them into her yoga practice. She has traveled around Asia living in monasteries in India, Nepal, and China, where she studied under meditation masters and explored a monastic life style. 
As a yoga teacher Shira helps to cultivate a diverse environment, moving beyond static and confining notions of what it means to be a yogi. She shines a light on the multiplicity and dynamism of the practice of yoga by cultivating an inclusive and accepting class environment, and always hopes to challenge her students to face their fears and find their powers.
Wind down your day by the candlelight. This well-rounded evening class infuses a vinyasa flow with quiet, cooling, relaxing restorative poses at the end and an extended savasana. Perfect to ease away the day and prepare you for a restful night's sleep.

Upcoming classes:

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