BREAKFAST :: On The Patio

This class is taught by:

Shira Barlas

Shira has been teaching yoga at Namaste since 2015. Her classes weave together her passion for spirituality, creative expression, and social justice. Each class is different yet all take a trauma informed approach with an emphasis on proper alignment, deep engagement, and eclectic sequencing. She focuses on building strong relationships with her students through her authenticity and genuine excitement for their growth. She breaks down conventional notions around what it means to be a yogi and encourages students to find their own unique embodiment and flow of the practice. Each class she hopes students leave feeling transformed and with a deeper sense of union in their mind, body, and spirit.

As her yoga practice developed she continued to delve deeper into other forms of spirituality and connection. Recently she’s been studying women’s health and feminine empowerment. She is committed to helping others harness their creative, sexual, and spiritual gifts to help them achieve balance, peace, and liberation. She offers guidance, practices, and healings that focus on helping women get in touch with the natural rhythms of their bodies and in tune with the cycles of the moon.

Jasmine De La Paz

With a life-long passion for music and years of a dedicated yoga practice, Jasmine discovered the power of combining yoga and music during her first Kirtan chant – where she reached her deepest meditation. As a certified Mukti Yoga teacher, and music business professional, sound and movement constantly inspire Jasmine. Yogis believe that something sacred vibrates within us, and that vibrations are the source of life and the Universe. She feels the most powerful way to quiet the mind and experience this vibration is through the combination of asana and sound.   Jasmine intuitively challenges and guides her students with a practice focused on alignment, flow, and breath – mixed with elements of sound through live music, meditations, mantras, crystal bowls, and unique playlists. Her classes provide a balanced, spiritual, and strength building experience that will resonate both on and off the mat.   Jasmine also loves to promote ‘mindful eating’ through creating and sharing plant-based recipes, swimming at the local pool, and enjoying life with her fiancé.
The Week's Menu
by Jasmine De La Paz
Pumpkin Spice Porridge 
Yoga & Breakfast is a series of events that combine the bliss of a yoga class with a healthy breakfast prepared with lots of love.

Come join us every 1st Saturday of the month, in the morning after yoga for free breakfast on the patio! Take the time out after class to taste the flavors and textures of the food you consume: all ingredients are fresh, vegan, and gluten free. Come enjoy the sunshine, music, and company of your fellow community members, while eating a delicious and healthy breakfast. Hope to see you there!

The breakfast is free for those members that attend a class either before the meal or directly after.
Please sign up before hand so we know how much food to prepare!