Shira Barlas

Shira Barlas; Yoga Teacher at Namaste Studios

What is your favorite tea served at Namaste?

Maple Walnut Green Tea. I have some stored at home and it makes my whole kitchen smell delicious!


What is your favorite hike in Los Angeles?

I love going to Deb's Park! It's the hidden gem of Highland Park with the best view of the city, a little lake with visiting owls, and the best tree fort to meditate under.


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About Shira Barlas

Shira recently graduated from Occidental College with a focus in Buddhist Philosophy and Critical Theory. A Buddhist herself, she loves taking different Buddhist theories and incorporating them into her yoga practice. She has traveled around Asia living in monasteries in India, Nepal, and China, where she studied under meditation masters and explored a monastic life style. This past spring she finished her yoga teacher training with Mukti Yoga School. 


As a yoga teacher Shira helps to cultivate a diverse environment, moving beyond static and confining notions of what it means to be a yogi. She shines a light on the multiplicity and dynamism of the practice of yoga by cultivating an inclusive and accepting class environment, and always hopes to challenge her students to face their fears and find their powers. 
After graduating from college Shira decided not to go back home to Philadelphia because she realized her home and family was right here at Namaste. She does hope to continue her education in the future by getting a Masters in Divinity with a focus in Buddhist Ministery, but until then she will continue to learn and find the divine through the classes she takes here. 


Shira Barlas; Yoga Teacher at Namaste Studios


  • RYT - 200 Mukti Yoga School



  • Teaching since 2015
  • Practicing since 2013


Shira Barlas regularly instructs the following classes:

HATHA :: All Levels (c)

A steady practice with focus on proper alignment and holding of poses to engage, building strength, stamina, flexibility and balance as well as improving concentration and breath control.


**Introducing twists, some backbends, approachable inversions and the usage props (blocks, straps), this class is suitable for, and potentially challenging for ALL LEVELS as it can be taken as easily or deeply as one's body demands on a given day.


CORE :: Yoga Workout

Strength emanates from the core outwards. Build heat, stamina and strengthen your core muscles so you can flow with grace and ease in your yoga practice. Be prepared to generate heat with longer holds, to work and sweat in this power session.


EXPECT a great cardiovascular and strength building workout combined with breath work.


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