ART WALK :: Chase Roselli & Lisa Ostapinski

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For the next Art Walk we are excited to announce an exhibition featuring artworks by local artist Chase Roselli & Oakland, CA based artist Lisa Ostapinski.
Please join us for the opening reception during NELA Art Walk.
Chase Roselli:

Chase Roselli is an artist based out on Los Angeles, CA. He creates his intricate artworks using a beveled edge to dig depth into the one-demential plane, these pieces playfully interfere with the viewers field of vision. Each line is repeated methodically with slight variation as they descend into the canvas, encouraging a hypnotic plunge into the canvas.

With each viewers unique perception of depth, a new shape is conjured, a new landscape is formed.

Keep up with Chase at

IG: @chaseroselli

Lisa Ostapinski:

Lisa Ostapinski is a painter and art educator based in Oakland, CA. She works with unusual materials and processes including metal leaf gilding, encaustic painting (beeswax), sgraffito and oil paint marbling. She chooses lustrous, visually rich materials such as gold leaf and beeswax for their natural beauty as well as their historical use in European religious painting to evoke the divine. Lisa’s work is an exploration of the potential for abstract forms and luminous materials to communicate ideas about the spiritual realm.

Keep up with Lisa at


IG: @honeycombdaughter 

Reception is from 7pm-9pm. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.